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Smart Utsira

The goal is to develop Utsira as a living test center for new energy solutions. Haugaland Kraft is responsible for establishing the test center and has several R&D projects on the island. Smart grids combined with local renewable production such as solar power, wind power and wave power, and storage of energy in batteries or as hydrogen, will be connected. This should be controlled using large amounts of data. In other words, Big Data in a small municipality.

Come to Utsira and test out your new technology. See how new technology and new energy solutions can play together.

Pilot project for the flexible power system of the future

Haugaland Kraft Energi (HKE) and partners are carrying out a pilot project for the flexible power system of the future. The main goal of the project is experimental development of new technology with associated business models that make smart energy services and flexibility profitable for energy users, grid companies and electricity suppliers.
You can read more about the project here:

På Utsira skal vi i Haugaland Kraft teste ut smart energistyring i alt fra privatboliger og næringsbygg til større strømnett. Foto: Haakon Nordvik.
At Utsira, Haugaland Kraft will test smart energy management in everything from private homes and commercial buildings to larger power grids. Photo: Haakon Nordvik.