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Experience Utsira

Travel to Utsira and experience the idyllic island community out at sea

It works boat to Utsira weekday. The trip takes 75 minutes and is an experience in itself. A day trip is possible, but if you want to experience everything the island has to offer, you should add an overnight stay or two.

Here is a sea view as far as the eye can see. Great hiking trails, street art, many different bird species, food experiences from sea and land and peace and quiet.

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Autumn at Utsira must also be experienced

Discover the fjords in the autumn - YouTube


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Forbundet Kystlaget besøker Utsira

Unique Utsira

From time immemorial, people on this flat island in the middle of the ocean gap have lived by fishing. But the large fishing fleet has disappeared, and the fishermen's expertise is

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