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At Utsira you can shrug your shoulders, experience nature, art, conduct a seminar, watch birds, or just visit friends. Exhausting? No!


You don't have to go far to get good food fish at Utsira. Already on the outermost jetties in Nordvikvågen and Sørevågen, there are good opportunities to land fine pollock, lyre and cod. At times during the summer months, it is also possible to catch the occasional mackerel in the harbour.

If you want large cod or quantities of mackerel, you have to go out in a boat. It is actually possible to buy a small printed matter with the best fishing-meets around Utsira. Purchased in the administration.

If you are going to fish with equipment other than a rod, the following rules apply: See recreational fishing in the sea on Nutrition

There are also several good fishing spots in Vestremarka and south-western parts of Utsira.

At the southwest tip of Spannan's there is a nice open sound near a nice rest area by Øygarden, Saints (northern part of map section at Spannanes) has the same possibilities but slightly steeper rock. The fishing spot is signposted from Øygarden i the viking trail.


Bird watching

Utsira is an eldorado for birdwatchers who want to find rare species in Norway. Siberian guests such as yellow-breasted warblers, tartar peppers and dwarf flycatchers are regular in September / October. May / June is the best time for rare gestures from Southern Europe, such as red-throated diver, pirol and dwarf lark. 
Utsira has as many as 25 first-time finds for the country and is a sought-after locality for bird watching. Rare birds most often sit in gardens and along roads in the Siradalen. The reason why so many rare birds are seen on Utsira is the island's location two miles out to sea and that the island has little forest for the birds to hide in. In the best migration periods in September to October, there can be over 150 birdwatchers out here. 
You can read more on Utsira Bird Station's website: 


The lighthouse was built in 1843 - 1844. Twin lighthouses were built, ie two towers with a distance of about 200 meters. This is the only twin lighthouse where both towers were built within the same lighthouse area. The towers were built in hewn gray stone with internal lining of brick. The height of the towers was adjusted so that the light height was the same for the twin guys. The towers are 13.3 meters high.

The lighthouse is Norway's highest lighthouse and the lens is 78 meters above the ground. One lighthouse was closed in 1890 and stands without a lamp house. At the same time, a large French 1st-order flashing device was installed in the second lighthouse, which can still be used. The other buildings are gathered in a square yard and are of more recent date. This is because some of the buildings were set on fire by English planes in 1944 - 1945. The yard includes engine houses, oil tanks, homes and outbuildings, as well as meteorological measuring instruments and a guard room. The lighthouse is located in connection with the buildings on Utsira, the surrounding cultural landscape, and remains of German fortifications.

The lighthouse is known for the Meteorological Institute's continuous weather observations here since 1873.

The lighthouse
Light rating: 3 flashes every 60 seconds.
Location: Araseto, 68 meters above sea level.
Owner: The Norwegian Coastal Administration. The Norwegian Coastal Administration has leased the lighthouse to Utsira municipality with the exception of the lighthouses.

Guided tour of the tower by appointment:
Utsira Accommodation by Torstein Hansen

Tel: 912 42 714


Street Art - UtsiraArt

Utsira is known as the street art noise without streets. UtsirArt is an exciting art project that is now going around the world on the web and social media. Already on arrival at Nordvikvågen, we see the result of European street artists, including Spanish and British, who have frolicked with paint and brush.

The drawings follow you around the whole island. Jumping girls, couples in love, flowers, birds and not least two grain silos, which look like two cans of soup

Directly to maps that show where you can see the art: See the map here

Museum tour - Mikal L Klovning's sea house

Open sea house on Utsira this summer!

Welcome to the sea house at Utsira this summer!

DATE: Wednesdays in June and July, at 13-17

PLACE: Klovning sjøhuset, Sørevågen, Utsira

PRICE: Adult NOK. NOK 70, Honnør NOK. NOK 50, children free (under 16) and members of the Friends of the Haugaland Museum


The sea house at Utsira will be open for the summer on Wednesdays at 13-17

Wednesday 28 June
Wednesday 5 July
Wednesday 12 July
Wednesday 19 July
Wednesday 26 July

Here you can see and experience an authentic sea house, with boats and tools from the large herring fisheries on Utsira.

Tickets can be purchased at Ticketco:

Entry NOK 70/50. Children free. With the ticket, you also get free entry to one of our other departments in the Haugaland Museum, if used within 48 hours. Welcome!

Mikal L. Klovning's sea house 

The lake house was built in 1870 by Mikal L. Klovning's grandfather, Svend Mikal Larsen Klovning. In 1900, the sea house was extended to the south and in height. It was in use in the family until 1955. The sea house belonged to a farm in Klovning and it was a short way from the yard down to the sea house.  

More about the sea houselocation

Phone: 52 70 93 60



You need a GPS or a smartphone to find the various geocaches hidden on Utsira. It is necessary that you log in to the website If you log in as a user, it is possible to download coordinates and keep your own log of the caches you have found and it is possible to hide your own geocaches.

Read this handsome article in about geocache where Utsira is highlighted!

5 easy steps to geocaching
1. Go to and register. (Free)
2. Search for an entry in the database and load the coordinates onto the GPS. Clear the Caches
3. Follow the GPS guidance to find the cache. Or on the iPhone
4. Sign the log found in the box. If necessary, change the tax in the box. Remember to exchange the same or upwards.  

5. Log found on Feel free to add a greeting to the person who posted the post and useful information for those who follow.

Utsira is a participant in "Fresh in the open air" where the focus is on low-threshold services for everyone to get out into the open air to strengthen public health. Geocaching is one of the offers in Frisk i Friluft in Utsira. Folkehelsegruppe has purchased 3 GPSs on which we have loaded Utsira chachers. Read more in latest news from the Public Health Group


Sea golf

For more information and booking contact Edith on telephone 52 22 87 00 / mobile 975 69 194 or Hjalmar on 408 27 007 or you can send an e-mail to:


Canoe rentals

Contact Utsira Accommodation for canoe rental

Mobile: 912 42 174


Scooter, electric

4 electric scooters for loan.

Contact Dalanaustet on 4185233


elektrisk sparkesykkel utsira


Siradagane at Utsira is held annually the last weekend in May. The festival brings together everyone, sirabu and others who are interested in coastal culture, food and drink, concerts and other cultural experiences

Bicycle rental

Contact Utsira Accommodation for bicycle rental

Mobile: 912 42 174



At Bølgen in Nordvågen, there is a gym that guests can use. The center is unmanned, open 24 hours a day and you pay with Vipps

Hiking trails

Hiking in the Viking Trail on Utsira
See the route here

The old lighthouse
See the route here

Vandring i Vikingløypa på Utsira