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At Utsira, the taste experiences are in line. Taste experiences from sea and land. Summer and shellfish, or winter and chops. Everything from tasty menus to small and small dishes.

Dahmsgård Utsira

Dahmsgård is Utsira's seafood restaurant, and is open all year round. The restaurant is small and intimate. Every day, except Sunday, it is possible to order dinner in the evening. They open doors and the kitchen whether you are alone or with several people. But remember to order in advance: send an SMS to 986 61 981 or send a message on Facebook. We will send back a message if it is possible to reserve a table that day and a menu suggestion.

Dahmsgård provides catering throughout the island. Organizes food talk about seaweed & kelp & sea with tastings, depending on the weather, in Kvalvikvågen or at Dahmsgård. A lot is made from scratch, and as many local ingredients as possible are used.
Rights: Beer and wine

Tel: 986 61 981


In Nordevågen you will find the local pub and restaurant Dalanaustet. Perfect for smaller seminars, conferences, blue tours etc. Separate floor for this. Dalanaustet is only a few meters from the ferry pier.

All rights.

Anders Myklebost

Tel: 418 52 330


In the lighthouse you will find our small and cozy lighthouse café.

For smaller teams / groups we can be open on request

Tel: 912 42 714

Joker Utsira, Café

Utsira's social meeting place. Focus on seafood, fast food, well-being and personal service.

In the store's integrated café, you can sit down with a cup of coffee, goods from our shop, spread or hot and cold food from a rich café menu throughout the opening hours. By pre-ordering, the store's premises at Krambuloftet are also available during the store's opening hours if it is desired to serve alcohol with the food. "My vision is to saturate the addle, always!"


Restaurant and function room in Joker Utsira's 2nd Floor

Krambuloftet can also be rented as a party room and can take up to 80 people to your company. Get in touch for booking of your celebration, meeting, conference etc.

Phone 52749220/41505116 Email

Rights: Beer and wine